Kesrtals  male and female

Fine Bird Carving by John Spencer

For the last five years I have been combining my love for bird watching with my love of woodcarving. My goal has been to carve birds as realistic as possible, hoping when I get done that they start to sing ! My latest carving (woodcock w/chicks) was numbered 197 in the bird series. I also carve fish and animals with over 100 pieces in this series. All the birds and fishes start as a block of sugar pine or tupelo unless the purchaser wants a natural finish, then myrtle, walnut, or Mexican ironwood is used. Some beautifully grained pieces have been done in olive and avocado wood.

Most of my pieces have been commissioned by individual art collectors. About 30% of my pieces are in collections with at least 4 of my pieces per collection. So my clients have been pleased with the work that I do. Rather than take my word, drop me an email and I'll send back a list of clients.

The process of carving involves the following steps:

So far we have spent 40 to 60 hours.....Now the bird is carved..but we're not done...

Display support- select or make, branches, driftwood, soil, leaves etc

Finally finished....and somewhere between 60 and 80 hours were spent to create a unique art piece.

 Now it's up to you....

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