Manhood Part II

The years between Korea (1952) the "Golden" years of Aerospace (1957)

Home Again and trying to pick up the pieces

As soon as the ship at docked in San Francisco, we were loaded on busses and sent to Camp Parks, thirty miles east. Within a couple of days we all given a one month leave. Mom and my 'new' step-father (Page Stratton) picked me up and brought me to the same apartment that I had left amost four years ago! A suprise party was thrown on my twenty-first birthday, with all of my buddies, old girl friends and family in attendence. I got re-aquainted with many of my old friends, made some dates and tried to figure out exactly 'where I fitted' in this, to me, new life. It did take long to realize that I no longer 'fit' with my old group. I had done a lot of 'growing up' in the last four years while they seem to still be 'kids'. The topics of discussions were; boys, girls, girls, boys, clothes, sports, movies. what other people were doing and saying. The music when I left was 'Big Band' and Sinatra, music and I came back to Johnny Ray's 'Cry', and 'Nature Boy'. A lot of my friends were in the second and thrid year of college and had no idea of what they wanted in life. My brother was in college and after a year had no idea of what to major in, he thought maybe English Lit, because he liked to read! I felt a little like Gulliver, a gaint in the land of 'little people'. Much of these feeling were pure ego; I had gone off and fought a war, I shot at people and they shot at me, I saw buddies die and civilians burned to a crisp an none of my friends gave a shit. Fine homecoming.

I meet 'her', fell in love and got married

One person that I did re-connect with was Ruth Martin . She had been a member of our church group before I joined the Army. Ruth was several years older than I, had graduated from Cal,and was teaching grammer school at Hunter's Point in San Francisco. Besides, she had a car and I didn't even have a drivers licence! She also liked to square dance, which at the time was a passion of mine. We did lots together, and in March or April, I asked her to marry me. All of my family, and Ruth's as well went to Reno for the wedding. I was a civil cermony at the Reno City Courthouse on 5th of May 1952. I was still in the Army and after a week honeymoon at Tahoe, I returned to Camp Cooke, near Santa Barbara. I had changed my MOS (military occupational speciality) to Fire Control Computer Repairman. These were the first electro-mechanical computers used to direct antiaircraft guns. I loved electronics, and radio, having spent the last six months of service in electronics schools. The day finally arrived for discharge from the Army. The 24th of June 1952, having served 3 years, 2 months and 7 days. Of with 1 yr 9 months and 19 days were in overseas duty.







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